We love the message and philosophy behind this brand. KEEP GOING gents! consciousness and purposeful clothing is always appreciated!




The Accessorie’s Accessory: Nato/Zulu Watch Straps

I’ve always thought that some pieces, particularly Time Pieces, should not be altered in any way or else they lose their charm or their sophistication….. well, I WAS WRONG!!!! Check these NATO/ZULU watch straps, I now strongly feel that every watch owner needs to have a pair of interchangable straps. Unfortunately these are not available in South African stores but im sure for us seeking to bring a whole lot of life to our old pieces, we will make a way to get strapped!!


Katie Eary

Totally outlandish prints, but they work!! S/O to Katie Eary for putting a wild spin on prints!


Phyllis Taylor’s Labyrinth Collection

I think we liking the model more than the clothes but we must admit, this is the most modern we’ve seen the ankara and other traditional design materials used, Phyllis really does have eye for detail, she is so spot on, down to the model used to show the clothes!!!…….. Yet another African on the Rise!!!


 (we are really loving the model though!)


Aduu Juma Masudi

Africa is really holding its own in the international fashion scene, S/O to this Tanzanian designer for adding the muscle in Africa’s quest to establish a strong presence as one of the industry’s leaders in fashion designing !!

J-Reason Menswear Debut Collection

Another talented designer from Nigeria reaching for the tailors dream of making it in Seville Row……. but first this brother must conquer Africa!! S/O to Adedeji for this collection!


Sunstroke editorial

Y’SLF&Co. approved for Spring/Summer 2013 😉

Better than the Jesus piece?? This is an Ambush!!

We don’t know if this is better than the jesus piece but we mos def know this piece will turn a new religion!! “Moonwalk like an Egyptian” is the name of this piece, S/O to the Ambush team for this sick piece…… also check out the Spike Lee bust, dope piece as well!!!


Boss(o) ke mang?

Hugo Boss SS 2013! Simple elegance!