Aduu Juma Masudi

Africa is really holding its own in the international fashion scene, S/O to this Tanzanian designer for adding the muscle in Africa’s quest to establish a strong presence as one of the industry’s leaders in fashion designing !!


Ozwald Boateng SS12 collection shot in Soweto

It’s so inspiring is the way they have turned these shanties into beautiful, vibrant works of art. People pay thousands to hang a piece of art on their wall. Soweto IS art.” – Ozwald Boateng

Robert Montgomery Public Installations

We at Y’SLF&Co. are all for freedom of speech and strongly believe that all forms of expression prompt a dialog that is dependant on Freedom of speech in order to be able to fully explore ideas that are in the difference of opinions

Robert Montgomery has enabled people with his public installations to open conversations and share ideas around those installation, what we like most is the poetry and the social message behind these installations…… S/O to you Mr Montgomery!


Better than the Jesus piece?? This is an Ambush!!

We don’t know if this is better than the jesus piece but we mos def know this piece will turn a new religion!! “Moonwalk like an Egyptian” is the name of this piece, S/O to the Ambush team for this sick piece…… also check out the Spike Lee bust, dope piece as well!!!


Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott & Mademoiselle Yulia

Jeremy Scott is one designer who is not afraid to use colour in his collections as illustrated in this photo shoot and his chosen models for his collections are just as colourful!!

Fashion + Art = Perfect Compliments

Did another impromptu shoot by the Nedbank “Art bench instilation”, it goes to show that there are so many opportunities and possibilities for people to interact creatively with the spaces around them.