Messoni x Converse

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Crown Pieces

“Roley’s” as we affectionately call them, stand for everything we think a brand should aspire to be, respected, cherished, well built, stylish, timeless!! next on our radar are the Omega’s, another favourite watch brand of ours amongst the long list of favourites!

S/O to Crown&Buckle for the dope pics!


Sunstroke editorial

Y’SLF&Co. approved for Spring/Summer 2013 ūüėČ

Ozwald Boateng SS12 collection shot in Soweto

It‚Äôs so inspiring is the way they have turned these shanties into beautiful, vibrant works of art. People pay thousands to hang a piece of art on their wall. Soweto IS art.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Ozwald Boateng

Robert Montgomery Public Installations

We at Y’SLF&Co. are all for freedom of speech and strongly believe that all forms of expression prompt a dialog that is dependant on Freedom of speech in order to be able to fully explore ideas that are in the difference of opinions

Robert Montgomery has enabled people with his public installations¬†to open conversations and share ideas around those installation, what we like most is the poetry and the social message behind these installations…… S/O to you Mr Montgomery!


Paul Smith Spring/Summer 2013

Y’SLF&Co. has always been a fan of of the P.S. brand, their ability to transform a suit into a work of art is absolutely brilliant in our books! but what we love the most is how he mixes and matches his pieces and his use of colour. S/O to the folks at Paul Smith…..


YSL set to change iconic brand!

ImageWe know it sounds more dramatic than it really is, but lets face the the facts, some brands have built up a pretty strong brand equity and a religious following from signature images that represent it, i.e the L.V. monogram, the interlocking “G’s” for Gucci, same formula used by Yves Saint Laurent with their iconic interlocking YSL signature.

A couple of hours ago YSL, under the new Directorship of Hedi Slimane announced that the iconic YSL signature will be dropped and re-branded for their new ready-to-wear collection, Saint Laurent Paris (SLP), that is the new brand that will be highlighted in future for their collections, although they say the iconic YSL signature will not be immediately dropped, but we will definitely be seeing less of it.

Your’SeLF&Company. is a bit ambiguous about the name change but we do trust that the fashion house will deliver nothing less than the fashion forward, high quality and esthetically appeasing pieces that the world loves to wear and has been wearing for decades.

Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott & Mademoiselle Yulia

Jeremy Scott is one designer who is not afraid to use colour in his collections as illustrated in this photo shoot and his chosen models for his collections are just as colourful!!