Jeremy Scott x Moschino

Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele at Moschino

Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele at Moschino

No doubt this dude is on to something with his flamboyant pop art style of designing, not only applying it in his choice of color palette but also in his actual design patterns, we’ve seen his genius in his collaboration with the Adidas Originals brand, those are set to be iconic!

I don’t know though, would it be too quick to presume that the same would be said with his latest collaboration with Moschino? No doubt its definitely cool but I don’t think its even near the epic steeze he’s done with the Dassler brand.

Non the less, we dig his work and think its appropriate and fitting for such a luxury brand as Moschino…. And those biker jacket backpacks are just too dope for words!!!



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Fedora Craze!

Fedora are all the craze these days, we seeing a whole lot of folks turn up these old school head wear in all sorts of new fashionable ways, most notably, Pharrel Williams has been killing the fedora game, I don’t know bout the one he wore at the Grammy’s though.

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which POLO are you wearing?

Ralph Lauren Polo and South African Polo are two different brands owned by two different companies and they are not afiliated to each other. The Ralph Luaren Polo is an international brand by an American designer and the South African Polo is locally owned by L.A. Group LTD.

Here’s the story……

The Ralph Luaren logo is a world famous trademark with a mounted polo player and horse but the mark has been registered in South Africa by the L.A. Group which defeated an atempt by Ralph Lauren to reclaim the mark in 1977 under the old law which recognized only geographical rights. Many South African consumers don’t know the difference between the two and they believe they are buying thefamous Ralph Luaren Polo brand.

South African Polo - the rider and horse are facing away from the center buttons.

South African Polo – the rider and horse are facing away from the center buttons.

Ralph Luaren Polo - the rider and horse are facing the center buttons.

Ralph Luaren Polo – the rider and horse are facing the center buttons.


Info from Smit & Van Wyk.

HM S/S 13 Men’s Lookbook

It’s about that time we cool down with summer linen and cotton suits, shorts, wife beaters and hater blockers!!!

Messoni x Converse

Get your pair @

Crown Pieces

“Roley’s” as we affectionately call them, stand for everything we think a brand should aspire to be, respected, cherished, well built, stylish, timeless!! next on our radar are the Omega’s, another favourite watch brand of ours amongst the long list of favourites!

S/O to Crown&Buckle for the dope pics!




We love the message and philosophy behind this brand. KEEP GOING gents! consciousness and purposeful clothing is always appreciated!



The Windmill Club: Editorial

These gents are taking the tie game to another level!! “The Windmill Club offers fully custom ties for weddings, secret societies, and other groups of well-dressed men up to no good!” lol, they use the finest British silks. Handmade in New York City.

To order your your custom made tie, hit ’em up on the below link…